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Young, Rob


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Dr Rob Young

Optometry & Vision Sciences, Cardiff University

Research Associate

029 2087 0205


Relevant Key Words:

Cornea, collagen, proteoglycans, ultrastructure, development


Research Expertise relevant to tissue engineering & repair:

Ultrastructure of connective tissue matrices, particularly in the eye and synovial joint.

Interaction of collagens and proteoglycans in connective tissue matrix of cornea, sclera, articular cartilage and ligament.

Regulation of corneal transparency by tissue macromolecules.

Development of low temperature tissue processing techniques for examination of hydrated tissue ultrastructure.

Corneal development: establishment of corneal lamellar architecture by embryonic keratocytes.

Development of new non-invasive surgical modalities to treat corneal endothelial disorders.

Application of 3D scanning electron microscopy (SEM) methods (focused ion beam-and automated serial section-SEM), for large volume 3D reconstruction of ocular connective tissue matrices.

Structural analysis of artificial matrices for corneal replacement.


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