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van Deursen, Robert


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Robert van Deursen, PhD, MSc, BSc

Department of Physiotherapy, School of Healthcare Sciences

Research Professor

029 2068 7687

029 2068 7685



Relevant Key Words:

Biomechanics, rehabilitation, movement analysis


Research Expertise relevant to tissue engineering & repair:

My research interests include the prevention and rehabilitation of lower limb complications due to diabetic neuropathy, mobility problems in chronic neurological disease, and rehabilitation of joint instability after knee injury.  Impairments resulting from changes in body structure and function due to injury or disease impact on a person's functional activities, activities of daily living and participation.  Tissue regeneration, repair and replacement often need to be followed up by rehabilitation to restore an individual's mobility to its optimum level.  Using biomechanical and physiological methods in the Research Centre for Clinical Kinaesiology to measure changes in movement and mobility and designing appropriate measurements for this purpose is my area of expertise.  The effect of exercise on patients in the presence of movement disorders is a common thread in this research.


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