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Hallett, Maurice


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Maurice B Hallett

Institute of Molecular & Experimental Medicine, School of Medicine
(Neutrophil Signalling Group)

Professor of Experimental Cell Biology

029 2074 2748


Relevant Key Words:

Inflammation; Neutrophil activation, oxidase activation, Ca2+ signalling, PIP3; live cell imaging


Research Expertise relevant to tissue engineering & repair:

The behaviour of neutrophils is key to clearing infection and the resolution of wounds. My group is focussed on establishing the intracellular mechanisms which control neutrophil activities, including chemotaxis, phagocytosis and oxidase activation during inflammation. Aim:- An integrated understanding of neutrophil control points which may account for aberrant recovery from inflammation (leading to poor wound healing or pathogenesis) and which also may be exploited therapeutically.


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Neutrophil Signalling Group


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