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Beck, Konrad


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Konrad Beck

Tissue Engineering and Reparative Dentistry, Extracellular Matrix in Repair & Remodelling Group

Cardiff University School of Dentistry

Lecturer in Protein Biophysics

029 2074 2639

029 2074 4509


Relevant Key Words:

Extracellular Matrix Structure, Function and Proteins


Research Expertise relevant to tissue engineering & repair:

Structure, folding and assembly of multidomain proteins, specifically those of the extracellular matrix (collagens, laminins, nidogen, tenascins, matrilins); alpha-helical coiled coils; protein sequence/structure relationship.


Circular Dichroism (CD) spectroscopy: An AVIV CD215 with a 5-cell thermostated cell holder is available. CD spectroscopy can be useful to

a) estimate the secondary structure of proteins

b) determine whether mutations affect the structure, stability or binding interactions

c) determine the thermodynamics of folding of proteins, peptides and DNA

d) determine the kinetics of folding or drug binding.


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