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Martin, John


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John Martin

Institute of Nephrology, School of Medicine


Senior Research Fellow

029 2074 8446

029 2074 8470


Relevant Key Words:

Inflammation, matrix turnover, UTR regulation


Research Expertise relevant to tissue engineering & repair:

I have studied the interaction of glomerular cells with the extracellular matrix proteins in order to determine what effect integrin receptor binding has on the regulation of these proteinases, and whether integrin expression is correlated with matrix metallo proteinase (MMP) expression.

I have also examined the role of ADAM (A Disintigrin and Metalloproteinase containing Molecule) in mesangial cell migration.  The ADAM molecule can potentially both degrade the matrix (via the metalloproteinase domain) and inhibit cell binding (via the disintegrin domain) – so allowing cell migration to take place. At present I am studying the role of the 3’UTR of the TGFb gene in the control of transcription of this molecule.


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