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Bugert, Joachim


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Dr Joachim Bugert

Department of Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, 

Cardiff Institute of Infection and Immunity, School of Medicine

Senior Lecturer

029 2074 3583

029 2074 2161


Relevant Key Words:

Antivirals, virus cell biology, influenzavirus, measlesvirus, poxviruses, hepatitis c virus, Organotypic cell 

culture systems 


Research Expertise relevant to tissue engineering & repair:

Virus infections of conventional and dynamic cell culture systems.  Organotypic cell cultures: skin, lung 

(Minucell), liver.


Antivirals: We test and develop novel antivirals in collaboration with Prof Chris McGuigan, School of 

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. We have patented ddBCNAs with activity versus HCMV, 

poxviruses, and measlesvirus via a cellular target (s). We are currently investigating the MoA. We 

have established a CL3 cellculture system  for replicating hepatitis c virus (pJFH-1) to test candidate 

antivirals active against this virus and are interested in comparing innate immune responses directed 

against the virus in culture with those induced by HCV vaccine candidates. We are in the process of 

establishing a humanized mouse model for HCV in Cardiff and are looking to acquire/develop a liver 

tissue model.


Skin focus: My group investigates the properties of Molluscum Contagiosum Virus (MCV), a poxvirus 

dedicated to the human skin. MCV causes benign tumors of  hyperproliferating keratinocytes only in 

the epidermal layer of human skin. The tumors are classified as acanthomas.  MCV only replicates in 

human epidermal keratinocytes in vivo and for this reason there is no in vitro replication system for 

this virus. To find out what makes the virus replicate in human skin and not in conventional epithelial 

cell lines, we are studying virus infection of human keratinocytes and  in vitro skin equivalents.  We 

have an ongoing collaboration on MCV skin  immunology with Prof Bernhard Moser in the School 

of Medicine, and a collaboration with Dr Amanda Tonks on aspects of MCV innate immunity.


Bacteriophages: we have an interest in bacteriophages targetting MDR gram negative 

microorganisms and MOTT through their genetic transfer systems. This project is in collaboration 

with Dr Mark Toleman in the School of Medicine, and will be tested in a lung tissue model.


Methodology: organotypic cell culture models, virus morphology, entry, virus uncoating, 

transcription, genome replication, egress, and cytokine induction via TLR , PKR and RIG 

using EM, immunefluorescent / confocal microscopy, PCR, RT-PCR, nucleic acid and protein 

blotting techniques, lymphocyte diapedesis, cytokine ELISAs and cytokine bioassays.


We would like to collaborate with  groups interested in skin infection, hepatitis C, respiratory 

infections, incl MOTT, and bacteriophages  in Cardiff and elsewhere.


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If you have reagents that may be of interest to the CITER Membership, e.g. cell lines, 

microbiological cultures. Please give a representative list below:

Please contact me for cell culture reagents/ cell lines related to skin, liver, lung research.