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Birchall, James


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James Birchall

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics, Redwood Building, Cardiff University

Professor in Pharmaceutics

029 2087 5815


Relevant Key Words:

Skin organ culture, microneedles, drug delivery, vaccine delivery, pulmonary delivery


Research Expertise relevant to tissue engineering & repair:

The skin epidermis represents an appropriate target for the delivery of low molecular weight drugs, vaccines, biopharmaceuticals and gene based therapies. The skin, however, is characterised by poor permeability. Microfabricated microneedle arrays are designed to pierce the stratum corneum skin barrier layer in a minimally invasive and pain-free manner to provide transient pathways for the delivery of macromolecules to the underlying skin epidermis. Microneedles not only provide a delivery option for the treatment of localized tissue disorders but are also a useful tool for investigating skin biology and immunology.


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Human skin organ culture technical expertise