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Baird, Duncan


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Professor Duncan Baird

Institute of Cancer & Genetics, School of Medicine


029 2068 7038

029 2068 7343


Relevant Key Words:

Ageing, telomere, telomerase


Research Expertise relevant to tissue engineering & repair:

Telomeres are essential structures found at the ends of chromosomes; telomeric sequences are lost with ongoing cell division until the loss of telomere function triggers the onset of replicative senescence.  Telomere loss therefore, represents an innate tumour suppressor mechanism that may contribute to age related disease.  My lab is focused on investigating the dynamics of telomeres in human cells from the standpoints of ageing, cancer and genetic disease.  To do this we have developed single molecule approaches to analyse both telomere length and fusion.  We are interested to how telomere dynamics can impact upon the kinetics of replicative senescence both in vitro and in vivo, and how telomeric instability can lead to the types of genomic rearrangements that may drive neoplastic transformation.


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