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Williams, David


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David Wynne Williams

Tissue Engineering & Reparative Dentistry, Dental School

Professor in Oral Microbiology

029 2074 2548

029 2074 2442


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My research interests are diverse, but primarily focus on aspects of Oral Microbiology, particularly relating to oral candidoses.  Research in this area has largely been directed towards elucidating the role of Candida in chronic hyperplastic candidosis (CHC) and the development of oral pre-malignant lesions.  The significance of this work was recognised through receipt of the Colgate and Hatton Awards.  More recently, I have been involved in investigating the adhesion of Candida to oral surfaces including extracellular matrix proteins, silicone rubber, acrylic and epithelial cells and related to these studies has been the assessment of the invasive properties of Candida within in vitro tissue models, coupled with differential display analysis and confocal laser scanning microscopy.  I have an active interest into the investigation of microbial biofilms that are of clinical relevance which includes not only oral microorganisms but also those associated with wound environments.


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If you have reagents that may be of interest to the CITER Membership, e.g. cell lines, microbiological cultures. Please give a representative list below:

Large numbers of microbiological cultures including:

Candida species

Anaerobic oral bacteria

Staphylococcus aureus

Chronic wound bacterial isolates