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Thomas, David


Work Address:

Present Position:

Telephone Number:

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David W Thomas

School of Dentistry


029 2074 6475

029 2074 2442


Relevant Key Words:

Wound Microbiology & Cell biology, Biomaterials/Implants, Chronic Wound Healing, Acute injury and repair


Research Expertise relevant to tissue engineering & repair:

The research interests of our group include:

The role of fibroblast phenotype in controlling age-and site-specific wound healing responses.

The role of organismal and cellular ageing and oxidative stress in impaired wound healing;

The role of the innate immune system and microflora in perpetuating chronic inflammatory conditions. 

The development (with industrial partners) of novel biomaterials to modulate wound healing responses and intelligent reporter dressings for clinical use

NB There is a major clinical research interest in acute and chronic wound healing.


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