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Sloan, Alastair


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Professor Alastair J Sloan

Tissue Engineering & Reparative Dentistry Mineralised Tissue Research Group, School of Dentistry

Professor in Bone Biology & Tissue Engineering, Head of Tissue Engineering & Reparative Dentistry

029 2074 6779

029 2074 6489


Relevant Key Words:

Dental, Bone, Regeneration, Dentine, Teeth, Fluoride, Periodontal, Ex-vivo models, 3Rs, Growth factors, Pulp, Progenitor cells, Implants, Osseointegration.


Research Expertise relevant to tissue engineering & repair:

Regeneration of dentine, pulp & bone with particular interest in growth factor mediated tissue regeneration & growth factor / ECM interactions in mineralised tissues.  The biology of progenitor cells in mineralising tissues & their potential in tissue regeneration and repair.  The development of ex vivo models of mineralised tissue repair and their uses, especially within the remit of the 3Rs.  The use of ex-vivo models to investigate disease processes and development of novel therapeutics in relation to inflammatory bone destruction, periodontal disease, purulent pulpal disease and osteomyelitis.


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If you have reagents that may be of interest to the CITER Membership, e.g. cell lines, microbiological cultures. Please give a representative list below:

MG63 cell line

SAOS2 cell line

HoP7 cell line

ROS cell line

192 C7 human bone marrow stromal cell line

MDPC-23 mouse odontoblast-like cell line

OD-21 mouse dental pulp fobroblast cell line