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AME Vicon model of a person walking.

Seminar programme 2014 

“To load or overload: Steps to unravel the million-dollar OA-question”


On - Thursday 23rd October, 16:00-17:30pm 

Venue: Room 09A, 1st Floor, Michael Griffiths Building, UHW

We look forward to welcoming our invited speaker Dr Ilse Jonkers, Associate Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences, KU Leuven.

Abstract: With the aging population and increased incidence of obesity the prevalence of OA is on the rise. Although the role of mechanical factors in the onset and progression of this multifactorial disease process is recognized only recently musculoskeletal modeling are being applied to better understand the role of aberrant knee and hip joint loading. Similarly, dynamic simulations are being used to better understand the role of aberrant mechanical loading in hip implant failure.

Within this presentation I will focus on recent research on knee joint loading in general as well as in subjects presenting tibio-femoral OA. More specific, I will discuss the potential value of knee contact forces compared to external joint moments in discriminating different levels of OA involvement. Furthermore, I will discuss the potential to decrease hip joint loading by modifying kinematic gait strategies.

To register for this afternoon seminar then please contact CITER Administrator Jane Graves, .


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