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CITER Soc (previously known as Postgrad@CITER) is an interdisciplinary student-led research group for all Cardiff University postgraduates and postdocs interested in Tissue Engineering, Regeneration and Rehabilitation. Whether your interest is in Law, Ethics, Biological or Social Sciences, CITER Soc needs you.

Our aim is to bring students together from across all schools, colleges and research disciplines to network and share ideas, access news and information about other Tissue Engineering/Regenerative Medicine organisations and deliver a series of talks and poster presentations with a strong Tissue Engineering, Regeneration and Rehabilitation theme.

"Cuisine Curiosity: The Facts about Our Food"


CITER Soc, held its annual workshop on 3 December 2014 in the School of Optometry and Vision Sciences.  Titled “Cuisine Curiosity: the facts about our food”, the workshop aimed to educate attendees about different aspects of food-related research and nutrition value, or lack thereof, of everyday food items.

Many topics were discussed by the invited speakers, including: microbiology, psychology, sociology/anthropology, and chemistry.  Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Professor Rose Cooper started off the workshop by discussing honey’s unique antimicrobial and medicinal properties. Delivering a psychological perspective to the workshop, Miss Christina Potter, PhD student, University of Bristol, reported on child and adult portion preference. Professor Anne Murcott, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, discussed what role society plays in making everyday food choices. To conclude the workshop, Dr. David Baines, founder of Baines Food Consultancy, provided the keynote lecture on the chemistry involved in cooking and creating various flavours.

Participants were engaged in a variety of displays and games during the tea and coffee break between sessions. Extensiveness of added sugar in common foods and growing portion sizes were portrayed in “Glucose Glutton” and “Portion Distortion” stations. “Juicy Jelly” and “Calorie Counter” were games that challenged attendees’ preconceived notions about the relationship of food colour to flavour and caloric values of popular snacks and meals, respectively.



We are very grateful to the University Graduate College for supporting this event.
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Please visit our website for upcoming events and if you wish to become a member of CITER Soc or if you have any questions please contact Daniel Smith, Jordanna Dally or Glyn Morris .  

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