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CITER Soc (previously known as Postgrad@CITER) is an interdisciplinary student-led research group for all Cardiff University postgraduates and postdocs interested in Tissue Engineering, Regeneration and Rehabilitation. Whether your interest is in Law, Ethics, Biological or Social Sciences, CITER Soc needs you.

Our aim is to bring students together from across all schools, colleges and research disciplines to network and share ideas, access news and information about other Tissue Engineering/Regenerative Medicine organisations and deliver a series of talks and poster presentations with a strong Tissue Engineering, Regeneration and Rehabilitation theme.

"Catching a Killer"

School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Maindy Road

Wednesday 11th December 2013

On Wednesday 11th December 2013, CITER Soc held an afternoon-long  workshop titled “Catching a Killer”. The idea behind the workshop was to demonstrate to the predominantly postgraduate audience how the wealth of knowledge and expertise in various schools and disciplines (Psychology, Engineering, Dentistry, Chemistry, Biosciences, Law and Journalism) could be used collectively to “catch a killer”. There was a series of exciting and engaging talks on many aspects of Forensic Science including case studies from a Forensic Odontologist, inspirational real-life experiences from an expert witness and Forensic Chemistry (DNA profiling and blood typing). During the refreshment break the audience had the opportunity to visit the mystery solving stations where they had the opportunity to discover more about blood typing, fingerprint analysis and bite marks as evidence. 


Crime scene logo
Blood Typing station
Bite Marks Station
Finger Printing Station

Thank you to our speakers for their excellent contribution to a fascinating afternoon:

Zoe Ayres (PhD student, University of Warwick) –  "Forensic Science: An Introduction";
Professor David Whittaker (OBE, Emeritus Professor in Forensic Dentistry and Oral Biology) – "Case Studies: Catching the Bad Guys";
Professor Robert Snowden (School of Psychology, Cardiff University) – "Psychology and Killers: Do we really have anything useful to offer!?";
Dr Mike Jones (School of Engineering, Cardiff University)- "To Catch a Killer, or Acquit an Accused?" and Mr Rhys Roberts, BBC Crimewatch producer/director - "Forensics and the Media"

We are very grateful to the University Graduate College for supporting this event.

University Graduate College logo


Please visit our website for upcoming events and if you wish to become a member of CITER Soc or if you have any questions please contact Emma Board Davies or Stacy Littlechild .  

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