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Clinical Practice

Impaired wound healing is a major clinical and social problem. Chronic wounds that are difficult to heal occur in up to 3% of the elderly population. At the other end of the spectrum, uncontrolled rapid healing with excessive deposition of the extracellular matrix within the skin results in excessive scarring.


  • 1 m facial scars/year
  • Over 1 million people will undergo tissue repair to the eye/year
  • 55 m elective operations/year
  • 25 million trauma operations/year
  • up to 10% of clean surgical operations become infected


  • 15% of UK population have arthritis
  • 93 m patients treated for kidney disease in 2002
  • 60% hospital patients develop pressure sores
  • 70% of amputations are due to problems of diabetes


  • 11 m keloid scars
  • 4 m burn scars
  • Facial scarring stigmatised
  • Scarring in solid organs cause of significant morbidity
  • Patient quality of life adversely affected

The clinical arm of CITER utilises its knowledge and understanding of the clinical issues, treatment options and service delivery, to effectively develop tools to help the medical profession address the major clinical problems highlighted above and deliver real benefits to patients.