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Young Peoples' Chemistry Conference

24 April 2009

“Chemistry is our Future”
 Hosted by Cardiff University and the University of Glamorgan
30th June 2009
Draft Programme

 09.15 – 09.40          Introduction 

“Chemistry is our future”, Reardon Smith Lecture Theatre, National Museum of Wales. Followed by allocation of students into groups who will then be escorted to sessions in lecture theatres, exhibition gallery and laboratories.       

09.50 – 10.40           Session 1 

Groups visit our main lecture theatres, exhibitions, and the undergraduate laboratory for a ‘hands-on’ practical session.

10.50 – 11.40           Session 2 (as above)

11.50 – 12.40           Session 3 (as above)

12.40 – 13.20           Lunch (lunch – visitors invited to use nearby Cathays Park)

13.20 – 14.00           Session 4 (as above)

14.10 – 15.10           Conclusion 

All groups return to the Reardon Smith Lecture Theatre: “Flash Bang Wallop” Chemistry Show, followed by prize giving, summaries.


1. “Flash Bang Wallop”:  Chemistry Show, in Reardon Smith Theatre, ‘Rates of reactions and energetics’.  Relative to curriculum including high entertainment    component and emphasising the importance and relevance of these topics in medicine, the environment and industry.

2. Lecture sessions (some are ‘hands-on’) in the main theatres: Invited colleagues from university depts. and from industry. High impact; relative to today’s   industries and the needs of a modern society.
Industries represented cover: plastics and other chemicals; shampoos, cosmetics; tracer systems for medical diagnostics; energy, oil refinement, fuel additives; pharmaceuticals; brewing industry; gas production and distribution; nuclear reprocessing and nuclear energy; weapons systems development.

3. Poster Competition. Pupils are challenged to produce a poster (done in ‘PowerPoint’ or Publisher’) and then reproduced by the University to A0 or A1 size suitable for display in the exhibition and subsequent judging. Theme for the poster competition “Impact of Chemistry on the Future”. Posters will be retained by the secondary schools following the conference.

Prizes: 1st Prize worth £200; 2nd prize worth £100; 3rd prize worth £50

Split sessions One of the four sessions is split as follows:

(i) Students to visit undergraduate laboratory for ‘hands on’ practical sessions with “smart materials”, relevant to modern industries.

(ii) Exhibitions in Viriamu Jones Gallery

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