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Year of Chemistry

1 September 2010

BBC Radio Wales reporter Adam Walton visited Cardiff University's School of Chemistry and heard about the recently opened Cardiff Catalysis Institute and the Flash Bang Wallop roadshow which will be going on the road for this, the International Year Of Chemistry.

Adam was given a guided tour of the Catalysis Institute from Peter Knowles, Head of School, and Professor Graham Hutchings FRS, Director of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute. The visit explained the importance of catalysis in modern chemistry and how many areas of current research in the School (in particular fuel cell technology, methanol, hydrogen peroxide and chemical approaches to biological problems) will impact on our daily lives in the future.
Adam also met Professor Peter Edwards and Innovation and Engagement Coordinator Peter Hollamby who explained the Flash Bang Wallop roadshow and how it makes chemistry exciting while keeping it safe.

Broadcast Tuesday 25th January at 7 pm.