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£1.5 M to study stem cells

21 May 2010

Dr. Eric Tippmann is involved in a £1.5M award from EPSRC to develop new physical methods to study stem cell differentiation. The award was spearheaded by Prof. Phil Stephens at Cardiff DENTL School and included a broad coalition of investigators from Cardiff schools of Medicine and Biosciences as well as  Swansea University Engineers.

In response to the great deal of promise that stem cell science has within the context of reparative and regenerative medicine, EPSRC sought to fund the advance of new technologies in the area with the notion of hastening the translation of stem cell technology to the clinical arena. The project will probe the mechanical control of stem cell fate through the development of novel, non-invasive imaging technologies. Ideally, a non-destructive imaging technology to track cell lineage/inheritance in real time in vivo. The challenge is amongst the grandest in science, but if one can understand the basic underlying physical phenomena leading to stem cell differentiation, and but so also monitor those changes in real time, then these sorts of investigations should increase our capacity to tap into the tremendous medical promise inherent in stem cell-based therapies.