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Solar Reactor EPSRC grant

25 October 2012

Professor Adam Lee has been awarded £221k as part of a £1.2M collaborative EPSRC grant entitled "Solar fuels via engineering innovation" with Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer of Heriott-Watt University, to develop novel photoreactor technologies for the sunlight-powered conversion of CO2 into sustainable 'solar fuels'.

The quest for sustainable resources to meet the demands of a rising global population is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity this century, with global energy needs set to double by 2050. Researchers in the Cardiff Catalysis Institute and Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage (Heriott Watt) will develop a range of photoreactor designs able to efficiently introduce light, reactants and a suitable photocatalyst into simultaneous contact, and subsequently separation hydrocarbon fuels and recycle unreacted CO2. The utilisation of CO2 as a sustainable chemical fuel represents an attractive strategy to address both the consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels and global warming, while offering sustainable, safe and useful carbon capture.