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SARTRE Science Team Award

23 May 2011

Work by Dr Peter Griffiths of the School of Chemistry, along with collaborators from Dentistry and Medicine at Cardiff University and Chemistry and University of Bristol has earned the SARTRE Science Team Award for 'best interdisciplinary dynamics'. The team was awarded £27,000 seedcorn funding from the MRC Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme (DPFS) in collaboration with the Severnside Alliance for Translational Research in April 2010.

The project has developed a library of antibiotic conjugates engineered for use where Gram-negative antimicrobial resistance represents a major clinical challenge. The delivery system offers the opportunity to effectively target the antibiotic, which, following systemic administration, selectively accumulates at sites of inflammation and infection. This phenomenon effectively reduces the toxicity and increases the bioavailability of the antibacterial peptide at the sites of injury/infection. The project has led to new IP and will provide crucial information for early clinical application prior to clinical testing and full-scale commercial development.