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Cardiff PhD Student Invited On RSC Delegation To India

4 January 2012

Sarah Adams, a third year PhD student in the chemistry department under the supervision Prof. Rudolf K. Allemann, will represent all UK postgraduate students by touring India as part of a Royal Chemistry Society delegation.

The tour will take place at the end of January and will include scientific meetings at Guwahati, Assam where there will be a symposium held at the Indian Institute of Technology, Trivandrum in the south of India, where the 6th RSC/Chemical Research Society of India symposium will take place, followed by the 14th CRSI international conference. The centrepiece of the visit will take place in Kolkata, where a celebration of life and work of Acharya P. C. Ray on the anniversary of his 150th birthday will culminate with the RSC President unveiling the first ever Chemical Landmark award plaque outside Europe.

Sarah, the only student in the delegation, will give oral and poster presentations to demonstrate her work on the inhibition of the enzyme μ-calpain ( is linked to the spreading of white blood cells, which facilitates their leaving the bloodstream in order to reach sites of inflammation. Over-activation of μ-calpain can lead to inflammatory auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, making it an important and valuable target for inhibition. In a recent MedChemComm, Sarah and other Cardiff researchers disclosed the most potent calpain inhibitors created so far.

The tour of India will take place on the 29th of January until the 5th of February. For more information on the RSC events in India see:


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