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It's a Gas

21 June 2011

The new Chemistry Demonstration Show 'It's a Gas' has gone on tour. A recent event that has stimulated much enthusiasm can be viewed here:

The show, developed by Peter Hollamby and Prof. Peter Edwards has now been delivered to several schools in England and Wales with audiences of between 150 and 250 pupils and it has received very positive feedback and support from teachers. "It's a Gas" is aimed at year 6 school pupils  in primary education together with year 7 pupils in secondary education.

The idea is to support primary - secondary transition by providing schools with curriculum focussed chemistry demonstrations that both groups of pupils study. In addition, Cardiff's School of Chemistry is able to use equipment and chemicals in the show that are unavailable in a secondary school; this of course adds to the wonder and spectacle of the show which all pupils love.

Coupled with the well established 'Flash Bang Wallop' show aimed at older school pupils and general (public) audiences, Peter Edwards and Peter Hollamby have delivered more than half a dozen shows in Wales, England and Northern Ireland so far this year with more booked for the near future. The opportunity to tour and deliver this engaging series of entertaining events has been facilitated by funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry and from HEFCW and which has allowed us to develop systems that allow the safe transportation of chemical demonstration materials and equipment.

The shows enable those who love chemistry to promote the subject, especially now - during International Year of Chemisty.


It's a Gas