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Undergraduate (MChem and BSc)

Danilo Santos

Danilo Santos – Brazil, Science without Borders.

I have chosen the Cardiff University’s School of Chemistry amongst all other Universities in the United Kingdom because of its excellence in teaching and research, its well-equipped facilities and its wide-open arms to receive international students. I was assisted in every step within the process of choosing a University until my enrolment, settling down in my accommodation and everything afterwards. Adding to it all Cardiff is an amazing city! You get to know people from all over the world, you get to learn some words in Welsh, you can go walking to every part of the city, there are lots of pubs and parties, you get to see Rugby being played which is an important aspect of Wales and also to support the Premiership football team Cardiff City.



Rafael Marchi

Rafael Marchi – Brazil, Science without Borders.

I have chosen Cardiff University because it is one of the top universities in the United Kingdom, and it’s School of Chemistry is globally recognised. I am proud and happy with myself that I accepted the challenge of study here and have appreciated the total support from all staff members of the school. I have no doubts that this experience will be postivlely reflected in my future career. Cardiff is a city with all the facilities that a big city has but it is really compact, everything can be done within walking distance and also, recently, Cardiff was reported as the best UK city for young adults.



Rima Trofimovaite

Rima Trofimovaite – Lithuania; BSc in Chemistry

I have chosen Cardiff University because it is one of the top 20 universities in the United Kingdom and it is well known for its science disciplines. Not only it has a good reputation in chemistry; the helpfulness and friendliness of staff at the department encouraged me to choose Cardiff. Despite the fact that chemistry is a hard subject, my passion and full support from lecturers had made it very easy! The University is situated in the heart of city centre, so you can reach everything within walking distance. Cardiff itself is very compact, picturesque and safe town offering loads of entertainment for students.



Jiri Kulhavy

Jiri Kulhavy – Czech Republic; MChem

Cardiff University belongs to top world universities and as does it's School of Chemistry. As I had always been very interested in nanoscale science, Cardiff School of Chemistry and it's Cardiff Catalysis Institute affords very good opportunities to be involved with cutting edge research into nanoscience field. The School gives the opportunity to learn, use the most innovative techniques, probing spectroscopic machines, and from this, there is no doubt the next step in my career is to undertake a PhD.





Ann-Marina Gregoriou

Ann-Marina Gregoriou – Cyprus; BSc

I've chosen to study at Cardiff because is a beautiful city and very student friendly. Everything is within walking distance; from the shopping centres and colorful parks, the cinemas and crazy welsh pubs. I feel that this city has so much to offer to students and especially to me. I always feel that there is something different to do. Cardiff University is one of the top universities in the United Kingdom so I’m really proud of myself that I was accepted onto the challenging chemistry course. I'm sure that with my enthusiasm and the support of my classmates and the staff I will have a great career after graduating.



Tu Da Thao

Tu Da Thao – Vietnam; BSc in Chemistry

Studying chemistry in Cardiff University is an amazing opportunity for me.  As I have very good friends here, the lecturers make subjects become easier as well as I have chances to do a lot of experiments to gain mathematical and computational skills. Furthermore, it’s location is the best; from shopping centres, food stores, colourful picturesque parks, libraries, and accommodation are all within walking- distance.  There are so many societies, events and activities that Cardiff University offers its students.  I am happy with my choice and I believe I will have a great career after graduating.



Jessica Kok – Malaysia ; BSc in Chemistry

Cardiff University is one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to study in their renowned School of Chemistry. The facilities of the university are great when it comes to aiding the work that has been provided. In addition, the staff are approachable, helpful and they make the different aspects of Chemistry they teach very interesting.  I find that all these in combination have helped make my experience in Cardiff a pleasant and enjoyable one.