Group Leader

Damien Murphy

Dr Damien M. Murphy

Damien Murphy (DMM) joined Cardiff University in 1996 as a lecturer in Physical Chemistry, Senior Lecturer in 2002, and Reader in 2008. Prior to his appointment at Cardiff, he worked at the Universita di Torino (PhD 1990-1993, with Prof E. Giamello), Instituto Superior Technico, Lisbon (PDRA 1994-1995, with Prof M. N. de Pinho) and Universita P. et M. Curie, Paris (PDRA 1995-1996, with Prof P. Massiani). He was Secretary of the Electron Spin Resonance Group of the RSC from 1998-2003 (treasurer from 1998-2005) and Manager of the National EPSRC ENDOR laboratory (1996-2003). He is currently the Senior Reporter for the RSC Specialist Periodical Reports (EPR). He has collaborated with several industrial partners (AstraZeneca, Sasol, Tioxide) on catalytic projects involving paramagnetic species. He has published 105 papers in peer reviewed journals and books, and his laboratory is well equipped with state-of-the-art CW and Pulsed EPR/ENDOR facilities. His current research interests are based on the application of EPR/ENDOR spectroscopy to characterise heterogeneous catalysts and transition metal complexes/organometallic systems of catalytic relevance, particularly the role of weak outer sphere interactions in controlling selectivity in catalysis.

PostDoctoral Staff

Emma Carter

Dr Emma Carter

Emma Carter (EC) joined the EPR Group at Cardiff University in 2003 as a PhD student (2003-2007), and has since progressed to senior research associate and lab manager. Prior to her postgraduate degree, she studied Natural Sciences at the University of Bath (1999-2003).

Postgraduate Students

Marie-Elena Owen

Marie-Elena Owen
PhD Title: An EPR and ENDOR Investigation of Cu(bisoxazoline) Catalysts for Asymmetric Aziridination


Katherine Sharples

Katherine Sharples
PhD Title: Interactions of DNA models with Cu-based Therapeutic Analogues: A cw and Pulsed EPR/ ENDOR Study

Undergraduate Students

Charlotte Derbyshire

Charlotte Derbyshire
Thesis Title: An EPR Investigation of Selective H2 Reduction over Hydrated TiO2



Dr Lucia McDyre (2010) Dr Jason Green (2009)
Dr James Landon (2009) Mr Marcus Groebel (2008)
Dr Emma Carter (2007) Dr Richard Tucker (2006)
Dr Anna Attwood (2004) Miss Joanne Marshall (2004)
Dr Karen Antcliffe (2002) Dr Robert Farley (PDRA)
Dr Mario Chiesa (2002) Dr Ian Purnell (2001)
Dr Kate Lyons (2001) Dr Lee Stokes (2000)
Dr Emyr Griffiths (1999) Dr Abdul Rahim Jacob (1998)
Dr Cormac Simms (1998) Dr Charles Jenkins (1998)