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Should I choose BSc or MChem?

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Many Chemistry Departments, including the Cardiff School of Chemistry, now offer both BSc and MChem degrees (at some Universities these may be designated MSci).

The "right choice" is different for different students - you should choose the degree scheme to match your personal circumstances, qualifications and career aspirations.





BSc Schemes are for those who want a broad coverage of chemistry suitable for progression into a career in chemistry or related discipline (e.g. scientific journalism). It is also well-suited to those who wish to use the framework of knowledge and skills obtained in a wider context, such as in business or in administration.

(UCAS Code: F100)

Chemistry with Industrial Experience
(UCAS Code: F101)


Chemistry with a Preliminary Year (BSc)

UCAS Code: F105

MChem Schemes are for those who want a detailed knowledge and understanding of the subject, and a thorough experience of the skills needed to pursue a professional career in chemistry. (e.g. in the chemical industry, school teacher, university lecturer, etc).

(UCAS Code F103)

Chemistry with a Year in Industry
(UCAS Code F104)

Chemistry with a Year Abroad
(UCAS Code F102)

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