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Postgraduate Degree Programmes

MSc Programmes

The School offers three research-led MSc programmes: 

MSc in Catalysis (MSc)

This course will provide training in the state-of-the-art of catalysis theory, application, preparation and analysis and is recommended for graduates in chemistry or chemical engineering wishing to pursue a career in academia or industry.

MSc in Chemical Biology (MSc)

The chemistry of biological processes is the basis of all life on the planet. By studying aspects such as biosynthesis, retrosynthetic analysis, molecular biology and the principles of drug development this course will develop an understanding of the pathways that are core to chemical biology.

MSc in Physical Organic Chemistry (MSc)

This new course explores the physical aspects of organic chemistry. Physical organic chemistry finds application in many differing situations such as organic synthesis, chemical biology, green chemistry, catalysis, materials science and alternative energy research.