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Prof Stuart Taylor  -  BSc(hons) PhD MRSC

Professor Stuart Taylor obtained his BSc Hons in Chemistry from Brunel University in 1991 during this time he also completed 18 months of industrial placements with ExxonMobil, ICI and Shell. He moved to the University of Liverpool to study for his PhD at the Leverhulme Centre for Innovative Catalysis, focussing on the direct selective oxidation of methane to methanol, funded by the Gas Research Institute, Chicago. After obtaining his PhD he remained in Liverpool, first as apostdoc and latter as a Principal Scientist funded by BNFL. He was appointed to Cardiff University in October 1997, promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2007 and Reader in 2010. His research is based around heterogeneous catalysis, with a focus on oxidation, both for environmental applications and chemical production. He collaborates widely nationally and internationally with a number of research groups and research institutes. He also interacts extensively with industry; some examples of recent and current partners are ExxonMobil, Dow, Johnson Matthey, Jaguar Land Rover, Invista, General Motors, Sabic, Henkel and Sasol.