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Dr Simon Pope  -  BSc PhD


  • development of new ligand scaffolds for d- and f-block coordination chemistry
  • design and synthesis of luminescent probes based on multifunctional metal complexes aimed at biologically important targets
  • developing responsive bimodal imaging agents for fluorescence microscopy and MRI applications
  • investigations into the attachment of functionalized lumophores onto gold and silver nanoparticles
  • studies into novel hybrid materials for photovoltaic applications

All of the work undertaken in our group involves a wide variety of synthetic chemistry with a strong emphasis on photophysical characterisation. The general theme of the work is the design of responsive multifunctional molecules. These can be sensors or probes for a variety of applications ranging from targeted biomedical imaging to the detection of toxic organic residues in drinking water. In all cases we aim to use an understanding of the photophysical properties of metal-based coordination compounds as a design tool. For example, we recently reported a luminescent europium complex which selectively binds zinc in physiological conditions. This fundamentally alters the emissive properties of the probe due to the modulation of the inner sphere coordination environment.