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Gin and Tonic (without the Gin!)


Colleagues in the School of Chemistry are very active in endeavours that encourage young learners to pursue an education in science and facilitate the transition between school and University. We have received considerable support from a number of sources (HEFCW, SEP, RSC) over the last few years, and examples of these are listed here:


Chemistry Captured

Chemistry Captured is an e-learning DVD of high quality videos of chemical reactions that would be difficult to demonstrate in schools. This valuable resource has been produced by Professor Peter Edwards and Mr Peter Hollamby of the School of Chemistry, in conjunction with the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The complete library of videos can be viewed here.


We Come to You!

Staff in the School of Chemistry are involved in the development of a range of presentations, ranging from exciting demonstrations of chemical reactions to interesting and informative public lectures. More information, including how to arrange one of these presentations, is available by clicking on the links below. 

Flash Bang Wallop

It’s a Gas

Spectroscopy in a Suitcase

Public Lectures


You Come to Us!

Chemistry Revealed

A full-day of practical workshops to introduce students to the methods chemists use to isolate and identify chemical compounds.

Salters Chemistry Festival

Featuring a forensic investigation, quiz and prize-giving.


Continuing Professional Development training for teachers 

We run courses on a number of topics. More information is available by clicking on the links below.

Chemistry for Non-Specialists

Workshops for Chemistry Teachers

Embedding ICT in Chemistry teaching

Much of the  Royal Society of Chemistry's 'Spectroscopy in a Suitcase' materials , animations and explanations are based upon a broader and more detailed resource, focussed specifically at A-level studies, that has been developed by Peter Hollamby and Professor Peter Edwards in the School of Chemistry.

DVD's containing more extensive animation, video and explanation have been produced as teaching and learning support for teachers and students and are available for purchase (£30).

For further information and to obtain copies of the further background teaching and learning resource DVD's 'Uncovering Chemical Secrets I' and 'Uncovering Chemical Secrets II', please contact Terrie Dumelow (, phone: 029 20874023) in the General Office of the School of Chemistry for further information.