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Chemistry for Non-Specialists

Chemistry for Non-Specialists is a four-day course comprised of a two-day residential and two one-day follow-up events designed and funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry for teachers currently teaching chemistry in a secondary school but who hold a specialism in a different subject?

This is an affordable, high quality training programme designed to provide teachers with the confidence, flair and enthusiasm to teach chemistry at KS3 or KS4. It is specifically aimed at those who are not chemistry specialists.

The course in Cardiff over the last few years has been delivered by Peter Hollamby, a chemistry teacher with 31 years experience.

At key stage 3, the course focuses on particle theory, changes of state, chemical change and chemical bonding.

At key stage 4 this is extended to include rates of reaction, energy changes and the structure of materials.

Approximately 50% of the course is practical-baed, with an emphasis on the use of relevant and interesting practical experiments and demonstrations to illustrate the key ideas and phenomena involved.

Participants will also receive resources during the session to assist them with their chemistry teaching including a course book containing over 80 experiments. This book is also available to purchase for those who don't attend the course.

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