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Cardiff Chemistry Conference 2012

Starts: 14 May 2012
Ends:  15 May 2012

11th Annual Cardiff Chemistry Conference
14th and 15th May 2012
School of Chemistry
Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre

Monday 14th May 2012

13:55 Welcome (Peter Knowles, Head of School of Chemistry, Cardiff University)

Session 1

14:00     Peidong Yang (University of California Berkeley, USA)
             Semiconductor Nanowires for Energy Conversion

15:00     Grazia Bezzu (Cardiff University; McKeown Research Group)
              Nanoporous Phthalocyanine Crystals

15:15     Coffee / Poster Session (Viriamu Jones Gallery)

Session 2

15:45     Simon Freakley (Cardiff University; Hutchings Research Group)
              Towards Identifying Active Nanostructures in Gold Catalysts for CO Oxidation

16:00     Royal Society of Chemistry, Tilden Prize Lecture
Jeremy Hutson, FRS (Durham University)
              Cold Molecules and Controlled Ultracold Chemistry

17:00 Poster Session (Viriamu Jones Gallery)

19:00 Close of Poster Session

19:30 Dinner (Glamorgan Building) [by invitation only]

Tuesday 15th May 2012
Session 3

09:00     David O'Hagan (University of St. Andrews)
              Enzymatic Fluorination: Biotechnological Potential of the Fluorinase

10:00     Chris Parlett (Cardiff University; Lee/Wilson Research Group)
              Tuning Catalytic Reactivity via Nanoporous Support Architectures

10:15     Tracy Nixon (Cardiff University; Ward Research Group)
              Catalytic Applications of Calcium with Asymmetric Ligands

10:30     Coffee / Poster Session (Viriamu Jones Gallery)

Session 4
11:00     Robert Mart (Cardiff University; Allemann Research Group)
              Biophotonic Nanoswitches Control Cell Fate

11:15     Colan Hughes (Cardiff University; Harris Research Group)
             A New Solid-State NMR Strategy for In-Situ Studies of Crystallization Processes

11:30     Umar Farid (Cardiff University; Wirth Research Group)
             Stereoselective Aminohydroxylations with Hypervalent Iodine Reagents

11:45     Clare Grey, FRS (University of Cambridge)
              Following Function in Real Time: Towards the Next Generation of Batteries and Supercapacitors for Transport and Grid Storage

12:45 Lunch

Session 5

14:00     John Maier, FRS (University of Basel, Switzerland)
             Electronic Spectroscopy of Carbon Chains and Rings

15.00     Heulyn Jones (Cardiff University; Smith Research Group)
              Approaches to Compounds Containing Quaternary Centres

15:15     Coffee / Poster Session (Viriamu Jones Gallery)

Session 6

15:45     Emma Carter (Cardiff University; Murphy Research Group)
              Understanding the Role of Paramagnetic Organometallic Centres in Cr Based Oligomerization Catalysts by EPR and Hyperfine Techniques

16:00     David Crich (Wayne State University, USA)
              Methodology Development and Physical Organic Chemistry: A Powerful Combination for the Advancement of Glycochemistry

17:00     Closing Remarks (Peter Knowles, Head of School of Chemistry, Cardiff University)

17:05     Cheese and Wine (School of Chemistry Foyer)


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Open To: Public