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The members of CGLR are all publishing academics and collectively write extensively on trade unions, other social movements and the wider world of work, employment and society. Listed here is a selection of recent publications that may be of interest to other labour-oriented academics, trade unionists and other practitioners. The list is divided up into types of publication: Reports and Journalism, Books and Book Chapters, Journal Articles and Conference and Working Papers. The list begins in 2008 and for each category entries are ordered by year and alphabetically by author name.

Where it is possible, we have made publications available as pdf files that can be copied and downloaded. Copyright law, however, means that it is often not possible for us to do this. For publications that we cannot make directly available, we have included a weblink that connects to the academic journal or publisher who can supply the entry. Alternatively, it may be possible to obtain a copy of the publication from directly from the author or from their individual website.


Publication Pages

Reports and Journalism

Books and Book Chapters

Journal Articles

Conference and Working Papers