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Prof Edmund Heery (Co-Director) 

Dr Ian Welsh (Co-Director)


Steering Committee

Dr Dean Stroud (skills and learning, regeneration)

Mr Steve Davies (unions and public services)

Dr Jean Jenkins (industrial relations, union management partnership)

Marco Hauptmeier


Cardiff Business School (CARBS) Staff

Prof Rick Delbridge (workplace employment relations and critical management studies)

Dr Deborah Foster (public services, privatization, disability and employment)

Dr Casper Hoedemaekers

Prof Glen Morgan

Prof Jonathan Morris

Dr Jonathan Murphy

Dr David Nash

Prof Mike Reed

Prof Peter Turnbull (global trade unionism, transport  - civil aviation and ports)

Prof Hugh Wilmott


Cardiff School of Social Sciences (SOCSI) Staff

Dr Nick Bailey (work and employment)

Prof Huw Beynon (occupational change, regional studies, trade unionism)

Dr Finn Bowring (work futures)

Dr Surhan Cam (migrant work, labour force profiles, flexible labour)

Dr Bella Dicks (community studies)

Dr Heike Doring

Mr Adam Edwards

Dr Martin Jephcote (training and learning)

Dr Caroline Lloyd

Prof Theo Nichols (managerial strategies)

Dr Dimitris Papadopolous (Precarious employment, political transformation)

Prof Helen Sampson (Director, Seafarers’ International Research Centre)

Prof David Walters


Cardiff School of City and Regional Planning (CPLAN) Staff

Prof John Lovering (labour markets)

Prof Kevin Morgan (European governance and regeneration)


Honorary Fellows

Prof Peter Fairbrother Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University)

Dr Victor Gekara Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University)

Dr Pamela Robinson Birmingham University


Postgraduate Students

Gabriella Alberti

Hywel Bishop

Helen Blakely

Hilary Drew

Amanda Ehrenstein

Fa-Hsien Lee

Laura Williams