20 November 2017

Overcoming Inequalities in Internet Governance: framing digital policy capacity building strategies

Eu Cyber

EU Cyber Security Task Force

1 October 2017

Dr. Andrea Calderaro joins the European Union "Cyber Security Task Force"

 Global Internet Governance as a diplomacy issue

Global Internet Governance as a diplomacy issue

31 March 2017

Multidisciplinary conference address’ ‘Global Internet Governance as a Diplomacy issue’ for the first time.

A digital globe

Joint Committee hears expert witness - Dr Brandon Valeriano

27 March 2017

Joint Committee looks at the issue of international cyber norms and governance.

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Discussing the case of Samara Ullah

25 February 2017

Dr Brandon Valeriano appeared on Wales Today to discuss the case of Samara Ullah.

Lady looks on the internet

International Relations lecturer speaks at Internet Governance Forum

1 November 2016

Dr Andrea Calderaro was recently invited to speak at the UN African Internet Governance Forum which took place in Durban, South Africa.

Internet governance

International Relations lecturer contributes to European Commission’s Internet Governance discussion

26 August 2016

Dr Andrea Calderaro contributed to a round-table discussion this June on Internet Governance capacity building organised by the European Commission.

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Images of conflict and their impact on global politics

19 August 2016

Dr Andrea Calderaro spoke to Al Jazeera about whether powerful pictures of conflict make a political difference.