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February 2015: EU Exchange Wales: blog post to mark the launch of a new year.

After a successful pilot year, EU Exchange Wales has launched into 2015, looking to welcome more academics and policy-makers to the regular discussions about the EU. To find out more about this Jean Monnet Centre initiative, coordinated by Dr Rachel Minto (School of Law and Politics), please read the blog post here.

February 2015: CELAG welcomes Visiting Fellow, Annie Gibney.

Annie Gibney will be working as part of CELAG for three months as a CELAG Visiting Fellow. Annie is a final-year PhD student at the University of Birmingham in the Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS), where her research considers the utility of a multi-level governance analytical framework to better understand policy-making in European youth employment policy. As part of this, her thesis examines the comparative national and local experiences of two highly centralised Member States, the United Kingdom and France. Prior to starting her PhD studies in January 2012, Annie spent 18 months working in Brussels for the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. Before this, she worked as a Research Assistant for an international consultancy firm helping to deliver projects linked to European Social Policy. Annie will be presenting her research in a Jean Monnet Seminar on 25 March: "Mission impossible or lost in translation? Understanding multi-level governance and EU youth employment policy in the United Kingdom and France".

SBadanjak_Feb 2015

January 2015: CELAG welcomes Visiting Fellow, Sanja Badanjak.

Sanja Badanjak is a PhD candidate in political science at the University of Wisconsin - Madison (graduating in 2015), and working on a dissertation project concerning the effect of the EU on party systems in European democracies. The thesis encompasses a quantitative analysis of party system outcomes as affected by various elements of the process of European integration, and case studies of party systems in Italy, Portugal, and United Kingdom. Her research interests are in party politics, Europeanization, EU politics and judicial politics, and research methods in political science. She holds a Master's degree in political science from the Central European University in Budapest, and has previously worked for the Croatian civil service. While visiting, she will be working on two parallel projects: the first concerns the process of Europeanization in Italy and the UK, while the second focuses on the structure of the ECJ case law. Sanja will be presenting her research in a Jean Monnet seminar on 17 February. The title of her JMC seminar talk is "European integration and the fragmentation of political parties: the case of Italy".

LMcDonagh_July 2014

July 2014: Launch event for report on Unified Patent Court authored by CELAG member.

A report on Europe's new Unified Patent Court, authored by CELAG member Dr Luke McDonagh, was launched on 10 July 2014 at event in London hosted by the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys. A summary of the launch event and a link to audio recording is available here. For the report website, please see here.

June 2014: European Commission endorses Training Guidelines developed by CELAG member.

Professor Peter Turnbull, member of the Cardiff Jean Monnet Centre, has developed Training Guidelines that have been endorsed by the European Commission (and the ILO) as a framework to promote mutual recognition of port-worker qualifications. Peter Turnbull's decisive contribution to the development of the new regulatory framework was awarded for its impact with the International Collaboration Award. For more information, please see here.

CKlika_Feb 2014

February 2014: CELAG welcomes Visiting Fellow, Christoph Klika.

Christoph Klika will be working as part of CELAG for two months as a CELAG Visiting Fellow. Christoph is a PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of Maastricht University. Before Christoph started his PhD at Maastricht, he obtained an MA degree in Political Science and Communication Studies at the University of Vienna, and worked as a researcher at the Institute for European Integration Research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. At the moment Christoph is finalising his doctoral thesis on the implementation of the EU chemicals regulation REACH. In his thesis, Christoph analyses EU policy making with cognitive theories of decision making and he attempts to show that this interdisciplinary approach helps us to better understand how choices are made in complex organisational environment. At CELAG, Christoph has presented parts of his research at the Jean Monnet Seminar Series.

Smismans_Award 2013

November 2013: CELAG Director wins University's Excellence in Research Award.

Prof. Stijn Smismans, CELAG Director and Jean Monnet Chair, has been awarded the 2013 Cardiff University Award for Excellence in Research at a ceremony held at the University on 28 November. The Celebrating Excellence Awards recognise outstanding contributions by individuals or groups who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their commitment and contributions to the University. The Excellence in Research Award focuses on contributions to promoting the University's Research Strategy.

One of the arguments to support Stijn's winning the award was his role in setting up and directing the Centre for European Law and Governance and the vibrant research environment that results from it. Following the 'Oscar style' of the award ceremony, Stijn thanked all those involved in CELAG; behind an oscar for best film is not only the film director but the entire film crew. Congratulations to the entire Jean Monnet Centre. To see the supporting video for Stijn's award, please see here. For further information about the Celebrating Excellence Awards, please see here.

October 2013: CELAG welcomes Visiting Fellow, Andrey Demidov.

Andrey Demidov will be working as part of CELAG for three months as a CELAG Visiting Fellow. Andrey is a PhD Candidate at the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations at the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. Andrey has obtained an MA degree in Political Science at CEU and a MPhil at Saint-Petersburg State University in Russia. At the moment Andrey is working on the finalization of his doctoral dissertation on contestation over the EU models of civil society involvement and participation in the new member states. Andrey has worked as a research assistant for several research projects on involvement of civil society actors in the EU policy-making and cross-border cooperation at the EU external borders as well as on contestation of norms in international relations. He also worked as a research assistant for the Cabinet Office of the UK government. He is interested in in interdisciplinary approaches to study of the EU, civil society and in interpretive policy analysis and interpretive methodologies.


October 2013: CELAG welcomes a new member.

Carlo Petrucci has joined Cardiff Law School as a Research Associate on the project "Law, Science and Interests in European policy-making" (LASI), a research project funded by the European Research Council and led by Prof. Stijn Smismans. Carlo conducted his postgraduate studies at the University of Manchester and University of Birmingham. He was a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Birmingham from 2009 to 2011 and a lecturer in EU law and EU competition law at the Salford Law School in 2012 and 2013. His research interests range from EU law in general to market regulation.

July 2013: Anti-EU bias of BBC highlighted in research co-led by CELAG member.

If you had still any doubt, a research project led by CELAG member Prof. Karin Wahl-Jorgensen (together with Prof. Richard Sambrook, both at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies) now clearly illustrates that the BBC is biased against the EU. The study, executed for the BBC Trust revealed that, contrary to allegations of a pro-European bias, the BBC's coverage of the European Union is in fact dominated by Eurosceptic voices and views, and leaves little room for anyone making the case in favour of Europe. You can find the full report here.


24 May 2013: CELAG member speaks on a panel at Hay Festival.

Dr Elen Stokes, a member of CELAG, took part in a panel discussion at this year's Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts. Together with sociologists Barbara Adam and Catherine Butler, and philosopher Chris Groves, Elen talked about "Futures in the Making". What power do we hold over the future? And how do we take care of a future world we decisively shape but may not live to see? The panel looked at how futures are made, known and acted upon in the context of law, energy and new technologies. Click here to listen to the panel discussion.

16 May 2013: Postgraduate Research on Europe.

Matthew Cole, Charles Whitmore and Beke Zwingman from Cardiff Law School presented their research on the EU at the annual PG Extravaganza, held in the Law School. This day long event highlighted the diverse postgraduate research undertaken across the Law School, including exciting research on the EU. Matthew Cole shared his research on tying in EU competition law; Charles Whitmore shared his research on institutionalist perspectives on mutual recognition in the EU; and Beke Zwingman shared her research on the impact of EU membership on democratic governance in Germany. All three researchers are active members of the CELAG research community and are supervised by members of CELAG.


17 April 2013: Jean Monnet Annual Lecture.

CELAG was delighted to welcome Prof. Frank Vandenbroucke to deliver the 2013 Jean Monnet Annual Lecture. Informed by his wealth of political and academic experience, Prof. Vandenbroucke delivered a highly thought-provoking lecture entitled, “Europe: The social challenge: Defining the Union’s social objective is a necessity rather than a luxury”. The Annual Lecture attracted an audience of international students and staff from across the University, policy-makers, as well as members of the general public. The lecture sparked much lively discussion and debate. This continued throughout the reception following the event, where there was the opportunity to explore the themes raised with Prof. Vandenboucke himself, as well as with the other attendees from a range of diverse backgrounds. Discussion around the fundamental issues covered in this Jean Monnet Annual Lecture will certainly continue. A copy of Prof. Vandenbroucke’s lecture is available here.

January 2013: Award for CELAG member.

Prof. Susan Baker, a member of CELAG, has been elected Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry. Prof. Baker is Professor at the School of Social Sciences and researcher at the University’s Sustainable Places Research Institute. She was presented with this prestigious award at the Academy’s 200th Commemorative meeting on 28 January 2013 in Stockholm. The event was attended by the King and Queen of Sweden. For more information please click here.


January 2013: CELAG welcomes a new member

Dr Rachel Minto has joined Cardiff Law School as a Research Associate on the ERC-funded project LASI: Law, Science and Interests in European Policy-making. She defended her PhD thesis on gender mainstreaming in the European Union last year at the University of Bristol and, since this time, has focused on the dissemination of her research to both policy actors and scholars. Dr Minto has also worked as an intern at the European Women's Lobby in Brussels and as Editorial Assistant at the Journal of Common Market Studies, as well as compiling online resources to accompany the higher education textbook European Union Politics (2013). Within the context of LASI, Dr Minto will focus on processes of participation and the use of different types of expertise within European employment policy. She will also provide support for the functioning of the Jean Monnet Centre.

Prof. Stijn Smismans & Prof. Thomas Christiansen

23 October 2012: Launch of new Jean Monnet Seminar Series.

Prof. Thomas Christiansen (right on picture), Jean Monnet Professor of European Institutional Politics and Co-Director of the Maastricht Centre for European Governance at the University of Maastricht, opened the new Jean Monnet Seminar Series with an intriguing talk on the politics of comitology and delegated legislation after the Lisbon Treaty. Prof. Thomas Christiansen (right on picture), Jean Monnet Professor of European Institutional Politics and Co-Director of the Maastricht Centre for European Governance at the University of Maastricht, opened the new Jean Monnet Seminar Series with an intriguing talk on the politics of comitology and delegated legislation after the Lisbon Treaty.

The European and Industrial Relations. New Procedures, New Context

October 2012: Book publication.

Publication of new book 'The European and Industrial Relations. New Procedures, New Context', Manchester University Press. This book is the outcome of a workshop organised at the Centre for European Law and Governance, and in addition to the editor, Stijn Smismans, includes contributions from to other Centre members, namely Peter Turnbull and Nick Parsons. The book provides for the first time a rather comprehensive, and update, overview of the different ways in which the EU affects industrial relations, addressing both its role as an institutional framework and its impact as a policy context for industrial relations. The book is available here.

Stijn Smismans

8 May 2012: CELAG member gives keynote at EESC.

Prof. Stijn Smismans gave a key note speech at the Civil Society Day 'Democracy in Europe: where do we stand?', organised by the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. To watch a video of the speech, click here.