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Study at the Cardiff Catalysis Insitute

This page contains information about the MSc in Catalysis. Please use the link on the right to view job and research opportunities.

MSc in Catalysis

Catalysis lies at the heart of many chemical processes, from the academic research lab through living systems to the industrial large-scale reactor. By understanding and careful use of catalysis many processes can be made faster, cleaner and more sustainable. This course will provide training in the state-of-the-art of catalysis theory, application, preparation and analysis and is recommended for graduates in chemistry or chemical engineering wishing to pursue a career in academia or industry.

Microscopy of catalytic materials

Microscopy of Catalytic Materials

The course will develop students' understanding of the science behind a range of problems arising in catalysis and for students to engage with a range of modern catalytic equipment and techniques. This flexible course allows students to focus on one or two of the three delineated branches of catalysis (heterogeneous, homogeneous and biological), as well as providing the opportunity to undertake a more theoretical or computational approach to the subject.

The course is designed around a modular system of teaching and assessment, with modules covering the range of both theory and applications of catalysis. Two core and four optional modules are taken in the first semester (Sept - Jan), with three core and two optional modules in the second (Feb - May). The summer is then spent solely on a research project, running from June to August. The summer research project (60 credits) is typically chosen from a list of options proposed by course staff, usually in an area of current research interest. More information on these areas can be found here, or on individual staff pages.

The first taught module is designed to give a solid grounding in mathematical and catalytic processes. The further compulsory modules then cover catalyst design, electrocatalysis and a colloquium module. The optional modules provide introduction to modern research topics, and are designed to cover a broad span of interest and aptitude.

TEM of Catalytic Material & Reaction scheme

TEM of Catalytic Material & Reaction Scheme

The course is taught mainly by members of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute. Some modules also feature specialist contributions from external lecturers from other Schools in Cardiff, from industry, and from other universities.

Course outline