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Dr Robert Davies

Dr Ewa Nowicka

Rob gained a BSc in Chemistry from Cardiff University in 2008, and stayed on to undertake a PhD in Surface Science under the supervision of Prof. Mike Bowker on the theme of iron oxide model catalyst supports. After completing his PhD in 2012, Rob commenced a post doctoral position with Dr. Phil Davies looking into the nature of carbon supported gold catalysts using surface science techniques such as x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and scanning probe microscopies (SPM). This project has included studies of how acid washing affects the surface of carbon catalyst supports, and how varying the size and environment of supported gold clusters can affect their oxidation state.


  • The effect of acid treatment on the surface chemistry and topography of graphite; Carbon 2013, in press.
    Surface structure of γ-Fe2O3(111); Surface Science 606, 2012, 1594.
  • Preparation and characterization of iron-molybdate thin films; Surface Science 605, 2011, 1550.
    The oxidation of Fe(111); Surface Science 605 (2011) 1754.


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