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Dr David Morgan

Dr Morgan graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc honours degree and followed this with a PhD in Surface Science and Catalysis.

David Morgan

Having undertaken post doctoral positions on a number of surface science/catalysis projects, David is now the XPS service manager and fronts the EPSRC supported "Access to XPS" service, and also oversees a number of surface science laboratories within the School of Chemistry.

David's research interests are varied and include:

  • Preparation, characterisation and reactivity of model catalysts
  • Surface chemistry of Ceria and related materials
  • Photoelectron spectroscopy of transuranium-elements
  • High pressure photoelectron spectroscopy
  • Reactivity and characterisation of gold / gold-alloy catalysts
  • Time resolved XPS of reactions in ionic liquids

David also teaches surface analysis on the MSc Catalysis course, and maintains several websites, including the CCI site.

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