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Nobel Laureate Officialy Opens CCI

13 October 2010

Although the Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI) has been existence for over a year, we thought it was worth waiting until Professor Robert Grubbs – the 2005 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry – was in Wales before holding the official opening. Professor Grubbs made the Opening Address on Wednesday 13th October 2010. In his opening address to an audience of 300, Professor Grubbs described how the space race had inspired him and his generation of scientists. Today, green technology provides the inspiration for future generations of scientists and engineers.

The CCI Director, Professor Graham Hutchings FRS, outlined the short history of the CCI. Founded with an investment of £2.3 million from Cardiff University, and embedded in the School of Chemistry, the first 18 months have seen refurbishment of laboratories, introduction of an MSc Catalysis course, and the recruitment of new staff. Following this period of growth and consolidation, the CCI is ideally positioned to make an impact across a broad spectrum of catalysis.

The Opening events continued the following day, which was devoted to the CCI industrial partners, who include producers of chemicals and catalysts, oil companies and car manufacturers.