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News related to the Research Institute from 2011:

Carbonate Core-Shells


Dr Phil Davies & Prof Gary Attard from the School of Chemistry, in collaboration with Dr Steven Barker from Earth Sciences have been awarded a studentship by NERC to develop a novel technique for studying the dissolution of carbonates under realistic conditions

Catalytic significance of gold oxidation states


A team from the CCI consisting of Dr Phil Davies, Prof Mike Bowker, Dr Albert Carley and Dr David Willock have been awarded a major grant by EPSRC (EP/I038748/1) to investigate the processes, intermediates and active sites involved in the hydrochlorination of ethyne over gold chloride nanoparticles supported on carbon surfaces.

Clare Morton Wins Prestigious Award


1st Year Postgraduate student Clare Morton, a researcher within the CCI, has been awarded a prestigious Welsh Livery Guild award.

Chemical Society of France Award


Professor Graham Hutchings has been awarded The Chemical Society of France (SCF) 2011 SCF French-British Prize in recognition of "his outstanding work in catalysis in both industry and academia and his collaborations with many highly regarded within the French community." The prize is awarded every two years in association with the RSC.

Facile removal of stabilizer-ligands from supported gold nanoparticles


CCI lead research may help to improve the way that metal nanoparticles are used in catalysis. Work published in Nature Chemistry highlights the facile removal of ligands, the presence of which can lower catalytic activity.

Faster Catalysts Highlighted by C&E


Research by Chris Parlett, Adam Lee and Karen Wilson from the CCI, together with collaborators at York and Leeds, has been featured in the Science and Technology concentrates section of the ACS magazine Chemical & Engineering News. The full paper can be read here.

International Precious Metals Institute Awards for CCI Staff


Members of the CCI have been awarded prizes from the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) based in the US having been recognised for their work involving gold and gold palladium alloys as catalysts.

Prof Adam Lee Awarded McBain Medal


Professor Adam Lee has been awarded the 2011 McBain Medal of the Society of Chemical Industry and Royal Society of Chemistry for his contributions to colloid and surface science.

Fellows of the Learned Society of Wales


Several members of the CCI have been elected as Fellows of the Learned Society of Wales.

Dr Karen Wilson Awarded Royal Society Industry Fellowship Award


Dr Karen Wilson has been awarded a Royal Society Industry Fellowship to work with Johnson Matthey over the next four years to nano-engineer a new generation of heterogeneous catalysts for biofuel production.

Selective Oxidation of C-H Bonds


Work recently published in Science shows how gold-palladium nanoparticles can be used for the highly selective oxidation of the C-H bond in toluene

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