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Academia Europaea

21 October 2010

Academia Europaea

Professor Graham Hutchings FRS, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research has become a member of Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe), an international association of experts from all disciplines who are leaders in their own subject areas. Membership is by invite only. Nominations can only be made by existing members of the Academia, followed by a peer review process and confirmation as to the scholarship of the nominated individual.

Internationally recognised for his pioneering contributions in the use of gold for catalysis, Professor Hutchings was the first to predict and subsequently demonstrate that gold would be a highly effective catalyst for acetylene hydrochlorination, thereby helping to establish a new field of catalysis.

His research has resulted in furthering the understanding of how catalysts can be used in the removal of carbon monoxide. This has applications in submarines, fire fighters' breathing apparatus and space shuttles. Professor Hutchings' work has helped ensure such life-saving catalysts work more efficiently and with a less damaging effect on the environment. Among his most influential work is his research concerning the selective oxidation of hydrocarbons using gold catalysts.

Speaking about becoming a member of the Academia, Professor Hutchings said: "I am honoured to have the work of my research team recognised in this way, it is a great honour for the field of catalysis as well."