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How to Order

If your requirements are still to be finalised then a provisional booking can be held for you and we can plan accordingly.

External customers

  • VAT is chargeable for external customers and will be added to the published price
  • Place your order via e-mail to: including the full name (individuals) or company name and address of where the invoice is to be sent

If you have any additional requirements, please contact the Catering Office and a member of staff will be happy to assist you.

Tel: 029 208 74027/76612

Internal Customers

Customers need to place orders for Catering Services via the Online Catering Ordering system. Please do not place orders on Oracle.
(This does not apply to Conference Bookings, please raise an order on Oracle for these in the usual way)

  • Only designated staff who have been set up in Oracle EBS will be able to place orders

Please read the guidance notes for using the Online Catering System for information on actions to take regarding new staff access, staff leaving, change of email address and problems with GL or Project codes.

Catering Service:
  • If you require a catering service from the published provision, then you can raise an order on the Online Catering System to request this service without contacting the Catering Office first. If the service can not be provided, the Catering Office will contact you upon receipt of the Order
  • If you require any other catering service, you will need to contact the Catering Office and your request will be dealt with outside the Online Catering System..

Please read the guidance notes for using the Online Catering System. These cover how to raise, edit and cancel orders.

  • The Online Catering Ordering system will validate that the customer is able to order against the codes provided by the customer when raising the order and also that the codes exist and are valid to be used. This information will be as per Oracle EBS
  • Customers will be able to amend/cancel their original order before the service is provided up to 24 hours before delivery of the service. After this point the customer will need to contact the Catering Office to make any amendments in line with the Terms & Conditions of booking which can be found on your Confirmation of Booking email sent at the time of booking
  • After the service has been provided, CSERV Finance will email customers details of the actual service provided and associated costs
  • Customers will be asked to email CSERV Finance to verify if they don’t agree with the actual costs (including any additional costs) within 5 workings days of the date of the email
  • After 5 working days of customers being emailed details of actual costs, CSERV Finance will action the charges and details will then be exported into Oracle EBS ~ actual costs will be shown on customers expenditure cost code. Please note that costs relating to any order under query within 5 working days will not be charged until the query has been resolved
  • If customers do not query the costs within 5 working days then any queries will have to be dealt with retrospectively i.e. after the costs have been charged, via journal on Oracle EBS. Please note that any refunds made after charging will not be reflected on the Online Catering System
  • Customers will be able to see details of future bookings and past bookings and also look at spend analysis
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