All Universities in the UK have to carry out an annual survey six months after students have graduated to find out what they have gone on to do. This survey is called the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) and helps to determine general employment and study outcomes from courses and influences University league tables.

Who is surveyed?

All leavers, whether you studied full time or part time, or even if you have returned to Cardiff University for postgraduate study.

How will you be surveyed?

You will have two chances to answer a questionnaire by email, one chance by post and then we will have to phone you!  This is a last resort for all of us, but we are required by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) to try every method possible.  If you’ve misplaced the email or moved house please contact the DLHE team and they will forward the survey onto you.

When will you be contacted?

Approximately 6 months after completion.

How can you make it easy for us?

Make sure your contact details are up to date at Registry.  Make sure you include an alternative email address to your Cardiff one.  Answer the letters or emails so that we don’t have to bother you by telephoning you!

What happens to my information?

At the end of the survey, Cardiff University will send coded, anonymous information to the Higher Education Statistics Agency.  They will be collated to form part of the university league tables.

Why is any of this useful to you?

You can take advantage of the information we have found out from previous years.  Careers & Employability produces a variety of tables and information based on the results of this annual survey. The information is heavy going, though, so although you can access some tables here, you might prefer to look at our Where Did They Go? resources which simplify data for each School.

Further detailed information about survey