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User Group Representatives

A Cardiff People User Group has been established to ensure full representation across the organisation.  Every School and Directorate has a member/members of staff nominated by the Head of School or Division to be the point of contact for the Cardiff People Programme. These individuals meet on a monthly basis with the Cardiff People Programme Team to receive regular updates and pass on that information to their colleagues when appropriate. A list of members by area is below;


Professional Services

HR Business PartnerMichelle Jones
HR ManagerSue Vaughan
Cardiff People ChampionRachel Jones
Human ResourcesDebbie Bezant
Information Services

Rachel Powezka

Annette Seeley

Cathy Jones

Carys Gordon


FinanceStephen Merchent
Campus Services

Kristina Rushton

David Morgan

EstatesKatharin Mathias
Students Services & Governance

Melanie Steeles

Jaqui Kempa

Meg Peasley

Katie Hales

Paula James

Research, Innovation & Enterprise ServicesAdrienne Evans
PlanningMary Tang
MarketingJustin Edwards
MarketingSally Streeter


College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

HR Business PartnerRhian Roberts
HR ManagerElaine Howells
Cardiff People ChampionRachel Jones

Karen Jones

Mark Johncock

Planning & GeographyDenise Phillips
English, Communication & PhilosophySarah Wilde
European Languages, Translation & PoliticsHelen Walker
History, Archaeology & Religion

Emma Fisher

Fiona Nicholas

Journalism, Media & Cultural StudiesJoanne Marshall

Lucy Hammond

Rhian Griffiths

Clare Pike

Janet Donovan

Centre for Lifelong LearningTina Heard
MusicSarah Wooley
Social Sciences

Sheryl Jones

Sandra Bonney

WelshEirwen Williams


College of Physical Sciences & Engineering

HR Business PartnerJuliet Jukes
HR ManagerDavid Bevan
Cardiff People ChampionAndrea Freeman
ArchitectureFrances Simpson

Mahmoud Aktar

Alison Thompson

Computer Sciences & Informatics

John Evans

Pamela Munn

Earth & Ocean StudiesBriony FitzGerald

Joanna Cheeseman

William Gale

Lynne Peters

Karen Ellis


Alistair Clarke

Catherine Parker

Physics & Astronomy

Phillip Treadgold

Glesni Lloyd


College of Biomedical & Life Sciences

HR Business PartnerKim Newcome
HR ManagerKath Davies
Cardiff People ChampionAndrea Freeman

Karen Fitzgibbon

Janet Sullivan

Nicola Jenkins


Lesley Bennison

Julie Cooper-Close

Healthcare Studies

Matthew Williamson

Lucy Hancock


Ali Tovar

Fiona Gibson

Trystan Gwynedd

Nursing & Midwifery StudiesLinda Thomas
Optometry & Vision Sciences

AnnA Courage

Felicity Brooks

Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical StudiesFelicity Brooks
Postgraduate Medical & Dental Education

Sally Walsh

Donna Hyndman

Justine Cooper


Elaine Rees

Terri Augbaya

Joint Biological Services

Keith Davies

Deborah Adams

Nicky Walker