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About the Programme

As an institution, Cardiff University recognises that we need to adapt and develop and so have identified a programme of activity to help us deliver the kind of service our staff have told us they want. In today’s fast-moving and technology focused world, we all expect instant access to view and update our information. We want interaction with service providers to be straightforward and answers to our questions to be easily available. When we are asked for information, we expect clear instructions and systems & processes that are intuitive and fit for purpose.

In essence, the purpose of the Cardiff People Programme is to support Cardiff University’s ‘The Way Forward’ strategy by contributing to the modernisation of the way we work and replacing outdated paper-based systems with online services.  As individuals, we will have access to view our own data, input changes and track progress online. As recruiters or managers, we will be able to manage processes effectively and have access to clear reports to give us timely, accurate overview information on our team or department.

The key aims of the programme are to;

  • Equip the University with a People Management System consistent with its scale, complexity and strategic direction
  • Enable the University to comply with its statutory duties in relation to the collection of people management data
  • Modernise processes using automated workflow by implementing a system with sufficient flexibility to support the University
  • Deliver improved management information supporting better decision making and the University’s strategic objective to be a world leading university
  • Provide managers with the tools they need to support and lead their teams