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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Core?

Core International is the name of the company that has provided us with our new integrated HR & Payroll software and Core is the name that is used to refer to the system. Within the system itself there are multiple modules that contain all our employee information. The modules that Cardiff University has launched so far include;

  • Core HR (all contractual and employee information)
  • Core Pay (all salary, deductions, pensions, P45/P60 details etc)
  • Core Time (all information relating to annual leave, sickness absence, working hours etc)
  • Core Portal (this is the self-service module for employees and line managers)

When will the new systems be live? 

The first phase of the Cardiff People Programme was launched in March 2013. This was the switchover to the new integrated Core HR & Pay ‘back office’ system. This will not have had any significant impact on the majority of staff because it is only used by a limited number of professional users across the University.  

At the same time we launched the Core employee self-service Portal. This version of the Portal is basic but is currently being upgraded. From Summer 2014 onwards when the new version of the Portal is launched, we will be implementing further changes at regular intervals. During 2014/15 we will gradually roll out additional functionality within Core Portal to assist employees and line managers in managing their information.

For more information about what you can see and do in Core Portal please click here
For more information on what processes will be going online and when, please click here


What is the CorePortal, employee self service and the manager toolkit?

Employee self-service allows staff to access their information through a web based application called Core Portal.   Employees will be able to view their payslip, submit annual leave requests, manage their personal details, track appraisal and probation documentation, submit timesheets and more.  

In addition to employee self-service (ESS), there are manager self-service (MSS) screens in Core Portal. These screens will give managers access to additional features allowing them to perform some management tasks online. This section of the Core Portal is also sometimes referred to as the Manager Toolkit.

For more information about what Employees and Line Managers will see in Core Portal, please click here


What training will be available to me and when will I get trained?

The systems have been selected for their ease of use and user-friendliness.  They have been designed to be intuitive so the type of training available to you will depend on the role you undertake in the system. Each time there is a need to inform/train users on any changes we will schedule a programme of suitable training or demonstration sessions and publish them on these web pages.

Users of Employee self-service will have access to online learning guides with detailed process notes and open-access demonstration sessions that will be run across campus prior to the launch of the new Core Portal.

Users of Manager self-service will have access to all the above resources and will be invited to attend a mandatory training course to familiarise themselves with all the online processes they can use to assist them in managing their teams.

Users with access to administration functions will be provided with all of the above as well as classroom training for each module they have access to (i.e. Core HR/Core Time etc)


Will I be able to access self-service from home?

You will be able to access the Core Portal self-service module from a computer outside of the University network as long as you have Internet access.  You can access the system using your network username and password, but you are responsible for any data you access. Please click here for information about accessing data using web-based applications


Is the system compatible with my smartphone?

Core International is currently developing a Core Mobile app, but in the meantime, you will be able to access the Core Portal self-service module using the Internet browser on your smartphone (outside of the University network as long as you have Internet access).  You can access the system using your network username and password but you are responsible for any data you access. Please click here for information about accessing data using web-based applications.


How can I be sure that my personal data is being kept safe?

The University has been through a rigorous due diligence process in the purchase of its new systems.  Core International have met and exceeded our information security standards and have very strict procedures in place to ensure that all information is stored safely and securely and released only to those that have a clear need to access it.  

In order to access your self-service record you will be asked to input your network username and password.  As this information is not shared with anyone you can be sure your personal information is accessed only by you.

Your line manager will only be able to view information about you that they need to see.  For example, although we ask you to provide certain personal information (e.g. diversity indicators) for statutory compliance reasons, this information is not appropriate for your manager and they will not be able to see it.


If my payslip is online, how will I prove my salary to the bank?

The vast majority of banks and lenders now accept printed copies of online payslips.  All you need to do is access the slips you need and print them out.  If for some reason your bank or building society does not accept a printed payslip the University will either provide you with a traditional hard copy slip or write to the organisation confirming your details.


Is it essential that I use the new systems?

From Summer 2014 onwards we will gradually roll out additional functionality within Core Portal to assist employees and line managers in managing their information.  Payslips will be electronic and hard copies will no longer be issued by the Payroll section; annual leave and sickness absence will be managed via Core Portal etc. Once these processes have moved online they will be the only method of accessing, recording or monitoring this information so it is essential that all users, both employees and line managers use the system as it was designed.

Both systems have been selected on the basis that they are easy to use and will make things more straightforward for people trying to manage their working life.  Processes undertaken online will be as streamlined as possible.  

Where a process is provided online the paper copy version will be removed.  For example, now that the self-service module (Core Portal) is available, changes of address forms are no longer being accepted in hard copy and must be completed online.  You will be able to track what happens to your details and see immediately that they have been changed which you cannot do with the current paper based system.


Do I have to start filling in a timesheet?

If you don’t fill in a timesheet at present you will not be filling one in through the new system.  Staff who currently submit timesheets should continue to submit as per the current arrangements but will eventually be able to submit these electronically via Core Portal (date T.B.C).If you don’t fill in a timesh


I’d like to talk to someone about the Programme, who should I contact?

Every School and Directorate has a member of staff who has been nominated by the Head of School or Division to be the point of contact for the Cardiff People Programme. These individuals meet on a monthly basis with the Cardiff People Programme Team to receive regular updates and pass on that information to their colleagues when appropriate.  To find out who your representative is, please go to the Cardiff People User Group Representatives page.

iPad/iPhone Users

If you are using an Apple iPhone or iPad, you may notice that the blue banner at the top of the screen disappears from time to time. This happens when the device is being held in a portrait position (upright). If you turn the device so that it is in the landscape position (on its side), the banner will reappear and you will be able to access the menu options again.

If you have a more generic query please contact the Cardiff People Project Team on and a member of the team will contact you, or alternatively, visit our Meet the Team page to find our team’s contact details.