We run a regular programme of brain-mapping seminars for staff, students and the public.

Seminars take place every Monday during term time at 12:10, unless stated otherwise.

They will be held in the Hadyn Ellis Building (HEB) Lecture Theatre or the top floor seminar room of our building (CUBRIC), unless stated otherwise.

24 September 2018Prof Mark Griswold (Case Western University)Rethinking some of MR with MR FingerprintingCUBRIC
1 October 2018 Clare Howarth (Sheffield University)Uncovering the cellular mechanisms of cerebral blood flow regulationCUBRIC
15 October 2018Christopher Madan (Nottingham University)Cortical Cartography: Characterising the peaks and valleys of the cerebral cortexCUBRIC
17 October 2018Heidi Johansen-Berg (Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging)Imaging and Stimulating Adaptive Brain Plasticity (Talk starts at 15:00)CUBRIC
22 October 2018Alex Clarke (University of Cambridge)The neural architecture and dynamics of visual and semantic processing in the brain CUBRIC
29 October 2018Jelle Veraart (NYU)Biophysical modeling of the white matter using Diffusion MRICUBRIC
5 November 2018Michael Kean (Murdoch Children's Research Institute and University of Melbourne)Neuroimaging beyond TSE - Multi-Band and Compressed Sensing in the clinical environmentCUBRIC
26 November 2018Kamen Tsvetanov (University of Cambridge)To be confirmed - General topic area: multimodal and multivariate characterisation of neurocognitive function in the context of ageingCUBRIC
3 December 2018Prof Narender Ramnani (Royal Holloway, University of London)To be confirmed - General topic area: neuroimaging of the cerebellumCUBRIC
28 January 2019Yana Fandakova (Max Planck Institute)To be confirmedCUBRIC
11 February 2019George Tackley (CUBRIC)To be confirmed - General topic area: use of spinal cord MRI in imaging sensory processing, primarily painHEB
11 March 2018Richard Binney (Bangor University)To be confirmedHEB
18 March 2019 Sina Straub (German Cancer Research Centre)Neuro-applications of quantitative susceptibility mapping at ultra-high fieldHEB
25 March 2019 Marios Philastides (University of Glasgow)Dynamic network reconstruction of human decision making and learning via EEG-fMRI fusionHEB
1 April 2019Steve Fleming (UCL)Decision-making as a window on higher cognitionHEB