About us

Our mission is to be an internationally recognised centre of excellence in the field of tissue repair, regeneration and rehabilitation, focusing on interdisciplinary research, education and clinical practice.

Our aims

  • To enable interdisciplinary tissue engineering and stem cell research of international quality and impact.
  • To coordinate inter-School research collaboration encouraging researchers and clinicians to work together to improve clinical provision.
  • To establish highly-regarded postgraduate provision in tissue engineering and related sciences.
  • To further create an effective profile of Cardiff University in tissue engineering, repair and restoration of function.

Our activities

We have developed the following activities in response to reviews of membership needs and requirements and in direct consultation with the collaborating Schools.

  • Supporting and publicising the sharing of equipment and facilities.
  • Facilitating research collaboration to support staff research development.
  • Promoting connections to health/social policy and intervention research.
  • Regularly appraising research opportunities to provide strategic information to relevant researchers supporting the broadest interpretation of CITER activities.
  • Delivering practical secretariat assistance to members in the coordination, submission, oversight and administrative management of interdisciplinary research proposals.
  • Encouraging closer engagement with clinicians.
  • Developing the potential for inter-university collaborations, particularly through regular meeting organisation, AGM, seminars and workshops.
  • Offering a peer review service to constituent member Schools.
  • Enhancing the postgraduate research environment, particularly by seeking to establish and support interdisciplinary four-year doctoral training programmes.
  • Promoting postgraduate student networking.
  • Supporting initiatives to enhance public understanding of science and healthcare.

These activities complement and provide added value to individual School research agenda. They also offer an established platform from which to successfully develop interdisciplinary research, learning and teaching and public engagement initiatives.

Collaborating Schools

Contact us

For further information about the Cardiff Institute for Tissue Engineering and Repair or to volunteer on our outreach programme, contact our office:


Amy Smith

CITER Research Administrator

+44 (0)29 2087 0129