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Leading technology entrepreneur endorses Research Institute

Watch a video of Sir Terry Matthews talking about the Research Institute's plans for new approaches to cancer:

We are proud that Sir Terry Matthews, the technology entrepreneur and owner of the Celtic Manor Resort, is the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute's first ever Patron. 

Sir Terry supports and encourages the Research Institute's work, championing its efforts to develop new treatments across the whole range of cancers.

Sir Terry's agreement was announced at the official launch of the University's three new Research Institutes. In a video address he told guests how he was backing the Research Institute's search for answers about cancer stem cells.

Sir Terry Matthews is well-known as an entrepreneur in high technology, and has founded more than 80 companies in the UK and Canada in this field. Born in Newport, he is also known for his commitment to Wales, including the development of the Celtic Manor Resort which brought the Ryder Cup to Wales for the first time in 2010.

Sir Terry said: "Cancer survival rates still remain tragically low. We have only a very poor understanding of why this is the case. Cardiff's European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute explores a new concept – that we can beat cancer by focussing on just a small part of the tumour – the cancer stem cell. This idea is creating excitement around the world and the UK should be a leader in investigating it. I am delighted to be patron of the Research Institute at Cardiff and to play my part promoting its search for treatments across the whole range of cancers."

Cancer stem cells account for only a small proportion of cells in a tumour. However, they could be crucial to the way tumours form, grow and spread. The Research Institute will investigate the possibility that therapies aimed at cancer stem cells alone will offer a better success rate for cancer sufferers.

Professor Alan Clarke, Director of the Research Institute, said: "Sir Terry Matthews has an international reputation for innovation. At Cardiff, we also aim to be a world leader for original thinking on the emerging new science of cancer stem cells. We look forward to an exciting and stimulating relationship with Sir Terry as we search for new ways to beat this disease."

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