We aim to improve the understanding of the role of cancer stem cells in a range of cancers, through world-leading research.

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pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer - the 'silent killer'

16 March 2017

Pancreatic cancer wouldn’t be so deadly if we could just diagnose it earlier.

Noha Mohamed

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

3 March 2017

For Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month we talk to PhD student Noha-Ehssan Mohamed about her work on Ovarian Cancer.

Image of a fly midgut

Predicting stem cell behaviour

16 February 2017

New research combining experiments with mathematical modelling, can help predict the behaviour of stem cells.

Maria Konstantinou, Mrs Anne Whipp and Juan Menendez Gonzalez

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Our research focuses on cancer stem cells, which we believe offer the possibility of transforming cancer treatments.

Dr Joaquin de Navascues in fly room

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Here, our research team leaders offer their perspectives on targeting cancer stem cells and how their research impacts on cancer therapy.