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Cathays Park campus from the air

Cathays Park campus

A world-leading University has world-leading facilities. The buildings are inspiring, sustainable and accessible. There is space for co-operation and innovative thinking. The laboratories are as well equipped as any on the planet. The computer network allows instant sharing of information.

This is Cardiff University’s vision. The Campus Horizons project will achieve that vision. The two existing campuses, Cathays Park and Heath Park, will be transformed. A third campus, Maindy Park, is planned to nurture and expand new research initiatives. The Modern Working Environment will support academic endeavour with a high-quality electronic architecture which matches the built architecture.

The purpose is simple. The purpose is to enable the very best in research, learning and teaching, and to allow the whole world to share in that excellence.

The vision will take several years to achieve. However, many projects are under way. These pages will provide the latest information on each project, from the early planning stages to final completion.